Listen, feel, imagine and remember...

AFFLATUS FUSION involves listeners into different atmospheres, emotions and imaginations with a series of compositions.

AFFLATUS (əˈfleɪtəs) comes from Latin and means divine revelation. Inspired by this, the duo Marko Mrdja and Sipan Mannan try to create FUSIONs, which are accomplished on stage as a combined playback and live performance.

About us

Marko Mrdja 

Composer and pianist

In his works, Marko Mrdja echoes influences from Southeast Europe. He also deals with Indian classical music, which also emerges from his pieces. 

Instruments: Piano, Keyboard and Bansuri
Ability: Music Theory.

Sipan Mannan

Composer and guitarist

Emotions that cannot be expressed are for Sipan Mannan a piece of music which should be composed.

Instruments: Guitar, Piano and Saz.
Ability: Producing.

Photography: Hasan Malla